Advisory on Census 2021 Field Operaters

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Guidance on Census Field Operation for Police forces and for Trading Standards

February 2021

The Office for National Statistics will shortly be carrying out the Census 2021 across England and Wales. Census Day is Sunday 21st March. After this day, in your authority, census officers will be:

  • knocking on doors following up non-responders
  • helping the public with queries

From 22nd March 2021 our field census officers will be working across England and Wales. We have recruited around 29000 members of staff to carry out home visits.

All our officers will be carrying official identification cards. The card will have a photograph and the officer’s name. The officers will work through the day to make contact with residents but will not call before 09:00 or after 20:00.


Any member of the public concerned that the person on their doorstep is not a census officer can call the number on the critical workers letter that the officer can show them.

Census officers will never ask for any money or bank details at any point during the conversation with respondents.

Our staff in the field are classed as key workers. The law allows that where there is a lockdown people can leave their home for work if they cannot work from home. As their role cannot be carried out by working from home, they are allowed to carry out the duties of their role.

The health and safety of the public and the census field force is of the utmost importance to us. Field force routines in Census 2021 have been planned with the health and safety of both the public and field staff front and centre. All our officers will work in a socially distanced way; they will all be wearing PPE and they will not enter anyone’s home.

The Office for National Statistics has several important studies and surveys continuing alongside the census (more details here). It is, therefore, possible that an address will be visited by staff working on other surveys too.

If you have any questions about the 2021 census work being carried out in your authority, please phone the Partnership Team on 01329 447434. More information is also available at, or you can email

Surviving Winter Fund Grant

Wiltshire residents can claim up to £250 (whilst funds last!) to help with their heating and fuel bills over the cold period. This time round we are paying either for top up vouchers for their prepayment meters or credit into their energy account if they pay by direct debit. We can also help with solid fuels also such as LPG gas bottles, wood or coal.

To be eligible, the client will need be in receipt of a means tested benefit, of pension age, or of working age and receiving a disability benefit (or they/someone in the household has a health condition worsened by the cold). They also need to be struggling with their fuel bills and keeping their home warm.

The fund can also help with boiler repairs of up to £300.

To apply call our advice line number on 0800 038 5722, or you can make a referral and upload required evidence using this link. We would need either recent benefit award letters or a recent bank statement showing benefits being paid into their account. It is not essential that all of the information is provided in the referral as we will be picking these up and calling those back to gather any additional information! We can also provide freepost envelopes for those to send their evidence back to us.

Coffee Mornings Update

Monkton Farleigh Coffee Mornings

Sadly, due to the continuing Corona Virus situation we are not yet able to resume our coffee morning as soon as we had hoped.

In the meantime, as many of you know, when we find ourselves with surplus cash in the kitty, we keep what we need to buy supplies and then ask the attendees at the coffee morning if there is something particularly close to anyone’s hearts to which we could make a donation.

As this has not been possible this year the organisers decided that as Phyllis not only started the coffee morning, but ran it so successfully for years, it seemed appropriate to make a donation to Dorothy House in recognition of what she has done for both the village and for the Hospice.

We have therefore sent a cheque for £200 to Dorothy House on behalf of the Village Coffee Morning.

Rachel, Mary, Jill and Valerie