Planning Application Ref: 21/01711/TCA

Planning Application Ref: 21/01711/TCA

Application for Work to Trees in a Cons Area

Proposal:-  G1 -Yew x 2 – Prune crown up to a meter in length

Cherry – Crown reduce by 2 meters

Oak crown reduce by 1.5m

Mulberry – Crown reduce by 1.5m

Beech crown reduce by 2m

Holly crown reduce up to 2m

Holly/Yew –  Remove both trees

At:     Petersfield, 86, Monkton Farleigh, Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 2QJ

 Assigned Officer:   Beverley Griffin                               Direct Line:  01225 770860

Comments to be received by:  12 March 2021