Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting – 10th May 2023

Minutes Uploaded on May 30, 2023

Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 10th May 2023

Monkton Farleigh Parish Council


10th May 2023 Village Hall 7.00pm


Present from the Parish Council: Ele Warrington [Chair], Rachael Mcdonald, Brian Marlow, Tom Firbank, Andrew Tucker, Pauline Adams, Joy Spiers and Jane Ghali [Clerk]

Parishioner: Rachel Exley

            Apologies: Johnny Kidney

  1. Welcome

The Chair welcomed everybody

  1. Minutes of Parish Meeting, 4th May 22

All have seen these minutes, they were agreed and signed

  1. Chair’s Report

Ele Warrington read out her report which will be emailed out to all.

A copy of the report will be kept on record and be posted on the website.

  1. Summary of Accounts

All have seen the annual accounts documents and agreed to them.

  1. External Audit – Certificate of Exemption – AGAR 2022/23 Form 2

The External Audit ‘Certificate of Exemption’ form was signed as our annual turnover is less that £25,000. Our internal auditor has checked and signed the accounts.

  1. Annual Governance Statement 2022/23

All have seen the Annual Governance Statement so it was agreed and signed.

  1. Accounting Statements 2022/23

All have seen the Accounting Statement and it was agreed and signed.

  1. Unitary Councillor Report – Johnny Kidney was absent, apologies received