Local Plan

Wiltshire Council’s Local Plan Review will go to Full Council on 18th July for approval before going out to consultation probably in September. It will then be submitted to the Secretary of State for approval prior to adoption.

As part of the process of preparing a Local Plan Wiltshire Council must provide town and larger parish councils with a number of homes that they should plan for through Neighbourhood Plans, as this provides more housing opportunities for existing residents and helps to keep communities together.

In rural areas, the Wiltshire Local Plan provides a number of houses for each Large Village. The housing number does not mean that each Large Village must have a Neighbourhood Plan or that within their Plan they will need to allocate land to build houses to meet their requirement immediately. The figures indicated provide a guide for communities for the total number of houses that should be planned for during the life of the Local Plan, which is up until 2038. Many homes have already been built or are committed to be built and this goes some way to meeting the requirement for many settlements. Any homes built between April 2020 and March 2022 have been deducted from the overall requirement for each Large Village, along with any houses that are already committed to be built.

There is no housing requirement for Monkton Farleigh set out in the Neighbourhood Plan, and due to the village’s location in the West Wiltshire Greenbelt and Cotswolds AONB, there are no site allocations in Monkton Farleigh or in the wider area.

The only housing land allocation in the wider area proposed in the Local Plan review is the old golf course in Bradford-on-Avon.

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