Fundraising for Churchfields Schools

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Fundraising for Churchfields Schools


From Emma Bennett:

Two of our local schools are trying to raise funds; the details are below.

Can you help our local school?
Churchfields The Village School is one school at the heart of two communities in Atworth and Monkton Farleigh. The school’s excellent reputation and welcoming family atmosphere attracts many pupils from the surrounding villages, Melksham and Corsham.

As a school we are fundraising for two very exciting projects.

At our Atworth site we are very lucky to have an outdoor swimming pool. A team of parent volunteers have worked tirelessly to get this reopened this summer after a period of being closed. However, further improvements are also required at a significant cost and the school simply does not have the funds for these. We need to renew the current solar panels to heat the water or install a new heating system, the pool liner will need replacing and eventually the changing rooms will need replacing.

At our Monkton Farleigh base we would like to provide an external outdoor learning structure. Whilst we are fortunate to have a large outdoor space, the field is extremely exposed with very little shelter. An outdoor classroom would transform the potential and frequency of learning outside whatever the weather.

We have set up a crowdfunder page to help us raise these much needed funds, every penny will count and make a huge difference to all the children at our small school.

Can you help by donating towards our cause or by sharing our story and crowdfunding page. Help us to support the health and wellbeing of all our pupils at Churchfields.

Please visit our crowdfunding page and donate if you can.