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6 November – 19 November
Dear friends
The church of the Beatitudes is located on a small hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the
traditional “mount” on which Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. The current church sits
uphill from the ruins of a small Byzantine-era church dating to the late 4th century. Christian
pilgrims are known to have commemorated this
approximate site since at least that time.
When he began his public ministry, Jesus said, “The
kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe in the
Gospel” (Mark 1:15). In part, he was saying the days of
violence, injustice, war, and empire are coming to an end.
In the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew
5–7), Jesus commanded us to be peacemakers and to
love our enemies, saying: “Blessed are the peacemakers,
they will be called the sons and daughters of God” (5:9).
“You have heard it said, ‘Love your countrymen and hate
your enemies.’ But I say love your enemies and pray for your persecutors, then you will be sons
and daughters of the God who lets the sun rise on the good and the bad and the rain to fall on
the just and the unjust” (5:43–45).
In these teachings, Jesus says that God is a peacemaker, and we are called to be peacemakers
too. Two weeks ago, Patricia, Jane and I visited the Church of the
Beatitudes, we stood overlooking the Sea of Galilee, possibly even
where Jesus might have walked over 2000 years ago, and
We live in a time of war. We see the war in Ukraine constantly on
our screens, and we were only too aware of conflict and persecution
as we travelled around Israel and the West Bank. What is the
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated: ‘Far from being the pious
injunction of a Utopian dreamer, the command to love one’s enemy
is an absolute necessity for our survival. Love even for enemies is
the key to the solution of the problems of our world.’ At times of
Remembering and Remembrance, I wonder if you agree with him?
As Christians, we are encouraged to
reflect on how Jesus practised nonviolence and how we can do the
same in our own communities, our own country, and encourage
others to practise similarly. We are all challenged by that command
when we see around us so much that is unfair, humiliating, and
utterly cruel.
“Blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called the sons and
daughters of God” (Matthew 5:9).
Note: Ann, Patricia and Jane joined a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in
October and will be sharing their experiences soon. All are welcome
to attend and join in the discussion.
Ann, Rector
Upcoming Services
Saturday, 5th November
2.30pm A Service of Remembering, Thanksgiving and Hope. Penny and Cedric Pierce. See
page 3 for more information
Sunday, 6th November
10.00am Benefice Service with Holy Communion at St Nicholas, Winsley. Theme is ‘All are
Welcome in this Place’ Ann/Keith B/IT Geoff
Wednesday, 9th November
6.00pm Compline for All Souls at St James, South Wraxall. Tessa. See below for more info.
Sunday, 13th November – Remembrance Sunday
10.00am – Remembrance Sunday at St James, South Wraxall. Tim/Gerry
10.30am – Remembrance Sunday at Christ Church, BoA. Keith C/Richard
10.40am – Service of Remembrance at the War Memorial, Winsley. Ann and Tessa/ IT and
sound, Geoff
10.50am – Remembrance Sunday with Holy Communion at St Peter’s Church, Monkton Farleigh.
Bernard/Keith B
Sunday 20th November
10.00am Holy Communion at St Peter’s, Monkton Farleigh joint with South Wraxall. Ann/Gerry
10.00am Refresh at St Nicholas, Winsley. Cedric and Penny Pierce. Pippa and the music group
10.30am Refresh at Christ Church, BoA. Keith C/Tricia and the music group
3pm-4pm Forest Church at St James Churchyard, South Wraxall. Theme is Birds. Tessa/Zoe
Ministry Team:
Rector Rev Ann Keating
Rev Tessa Mann (309374)
LLM: Rachel Pound (862223)
Benefice Office:
Caroline Brydon (865046),
Church Wardens:
Winsley: Roy Ludlow (868779) Linds
Batson (720069)
Christ Church: Hilary and Stephen Pike
South Wraxall: Dave Wyper (865384)
Valentine Thornhill (862552)
Monkton Farleigh: Rachel and Colin
Exley: (851485)
Lay Pastoral Assistants:
Stephen Pike (782537),Denise Davies
Gill Fairhurst (867560),Daphne Cox
Elizabeth Bush (866624),James
Middleton (920564)
Children’s and Families Worker:
Zoe Yeomans –
Baptism on Sunday 20th November at 1pm at Christ
Church, BoA. Keith taking.
The next edition of NewsLink wlll be on Sunday 20th
November. Please email any relevant contributions to
the Benefice Office at by
Tuesday 15th November.
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Service of Compline
A short service of night prayer
at 6.00pm on Wednesday 9th
November at St James, South
Wraxall. Everyone welcome!
The ancient office of Night Prayer (Compline) derives its
name from a Latin word means ‘completion’. It is above
all a service of quietness and reflection before rest at
the end of the day. Tessa
Coffee Morning for St Peter’s –
Saturday 19th November at 10:30am
Everyone is invited to join us for a Coffee Morning to raise money for the
new heating system at St Peter’s. Come along to 60 Monkton Farleigh
(Rachel & Colin Exley’s home) for coffee and cake. Please bring a friend or neighbour and enjoy
a sociable morning with some early Christmas treats, bake sale, raffle and Bring & Buy.
Rachel Exley
What’s So Refreshing About Refresh?
Imagine, as I like to do, sitting down with Jesus as our Guest and ‘chewing the cud’.
The tent and floor cushions are replaced by bricks and mortar, tables and chairs. But
that’s the only difference. We listen to stories. We share among ourselves. We laugh.
We make music. We praise. We encourage each other. We go on our way….see
how those Christians love one another!! Just like Little Sunbeams and The Ark really….but for
those who think they are grown ups! It’s Refreshing!!
The next Refresh services will be on November 20th at Christ Church, BoA and at St Nicholas,
Winsley. Denise Leigh
MEN’S NIGHT, Wednesday 9th November
2022 at 7.30pm in St
Nicholas Church Hall, Winsley
In 1916, the Germans and the French locked
horns in the North East corner of France, at
Verdun. This was a battle with devastating
consequences for both sides. In theory, the
French won; but at what cost?
Supper will be a selection of Domino’s pizzas,
with salad (bring your own drink).
Please book with Paul Billingham as soon as
possible; ( or 01225
Paul Batson Play
Come and support Paul and his co-stars in ‘The Frome to Canterbury Tales’ at The Merlin
Theatre, Frome from the 16th – 19th November at 7.30pm. Tickets from Paul Batson
Half Term Holiday Club
A fabulous morning was had by all at the Night time Nature Holiday Club morning. Children had
lots of fun making flappy owls, batty cakes and hedgehog homes in the churchyard. We learnt
new things about nocturnal animals, including some of their sounds, and discovered that they are
hidden treasurers in the night.
We shared the parable of the hidden treasure linking it to God’s love there for us to find. This line
was part of a verse written by Dee who came and led us in song at the end. A huge thank you to
everyone who helped to make this happen and of course the children and their families who
came! Zoe
A big thank you to Zoe for her leadership and the inventive craft and food activities which she
designed and were a big hit with the children. Thank you also to Tessa for the chocolate
cupcakes to make bats and hedgehogs, they were delicious!
Caroline and the Holiday Club helpers
Sunbeams Harvest Festival
Sunbeams enjoyed a mini harvest festival last week with pumpkins and leaves, delicious
pumpkin tartlets for the grown ups and a lovely service with songs led by Revd Tessa, as part of
their morning session.