Minutes Parish Council Meeting 21st September 2022

Minutes Uploaded on October 12, 2022

Minutes 21st September 2022

Minutes of Monkton Farleigh Parish Council Meeting in the King’s Arms Pub 21/09/2022  at 7.00pm


Present:  E. Warrington [Chair], J. Spiers, R. Mcdonald, A. Tucker,

  1. Firbank and S. Rowe [Clerk]

Also Present: J. Kidney, E. Woods, R. Exley and J. Ghali

A Minutes Silence for Her Majesty the Queen

  1. Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest.

There were apologies from P. Adams and B. Marlowe.  There were no declarations of interest.

  1. Minutes of Meeting dated 20th September 2022

Approved and signed by E. Warrington. The Clerk will have issued these minutes to ensure that all Councillors have received their copy.

  1. Matters Arising

It was confirmed that the telephone box is due to be renovated.  There was a discussion on the WhatsApp group about what could be done with it.

  1. Report Johnny Kidney

The time limit on the bus pass has been removed.

The work to widen the path on the Winsley road is now finished and there has been a lot of positive feedback.

  1. Signage for the Junction with the A363 and Monkton Farleigh to Slow Traffic Down and the Speed of Traffic through Monkton Farleigh and Farleigh Wicke.

The Parish Council agreed that Wiltshire Council should go ahead with signage on the A363 to warn traffic of the junction with Monkton Farleigh and put a SLOW sign on the road. This will cost the Parish Council £490.

The speed limit issue is still in hand and we will be updated soon.

  1. Parking Outside the School

This is still a problem.  Parents particularly from the nursery are continuing to park just outside the school despite the zig zags lines and being asked not to.  They also often park across the drive of E. Woods and have been verbally abusive if asked to move.  It was agreed to contact the PCSOs and report any cars that are parked irresponsibly using photos or number plates.  E. Warrington will report the issue to the PCSOs using 101.

  1. Progress of Jubilee Projects

It was agreed to look into getting trees to plant in various places in the village.

  1. Mcdonald has put our certificate for the beacon in the village hall and is looking into getting a large display of the photos taken on the day.
  2. Notice Board for Farleigh Wicke

It was agreed to go ahead with this and also replace the notice boards at Farleigh Rise and outside the school.

  1. New Clerk

Jane Ghali has agreed to take over as clerk and it was agreed that the hand over process would start soon.

  1. Playground Inspection

This is due in September.

  1. Damaged Pavement in the Street

This has now been repaired.

  1. Finance

There is currently £6,733.00 in the account.  There was no extra spending for July or August.

  1. Work for the Parish Steward

Clearing leaves, pot hole filling on the lower road if they are big enough and maybe have a look at the steps going down the bank of grass next to the church yard that comes from the footpath.  It is very steep and difficult to get up or down.

  1. Parish Matters

The coffee morning group may need help with funding.  It is an important event for people to get together and with the cost-of-living crisis it may be necessary to hold more often to provide perhaps a hot lunch occasionally.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

2nd November 2022