Census Support

For those requiring assistance or advice, or that may have concerns there are Census Support Centres in Wiltshire , where you can get support over the phone or book an appointment over the phone for assistance, in person visits may be allowed after April 12th depending on COVID restrictions. 

Census Support Centres in Wiltshire are :

1) Chippenham Library, Timber Street Chippenham, SN15 3EJ, Telephone:  0124965 0536, Email:

2) Devizes Library, Sheep Street, Devizes, SN10 1DL, Telephone: 0138082 6190, Email:

3) Trowbridge Library, Ground Floor,County Hall,Bythesea Road,Trowbridge,BA14 8JN,Telephone: 0122571 6700, Email:

4) Salisbury Library, Market Place, Salisbury, SP1 1BL, Telephone: 0172232 4145 , Email:

5) North Bradley Peace Memorial Hall, Southwick Road North Bradley Trowbridge Wilts, BA14 0SH, Telephone: 0798276 3182  Email:

6) Warminster Library, Three Horseshoes Walk, Warminster, BA12 9BT, Telephone: 0198521 6022 Email:

7) Wylye Coyotes Afterschool Club CIC, Greenlight Cherry Orchard Codford, Warminster Wiltshire, BA12 0PN, Telephone: 019 8585 1713, Email:

Further you can use the Census contact information  for anyone to use via the national call centre, text relay, language support, and assistive technology support for those with disabilities as follows:

  • England- 0800 141 2021
  • 18001 0800141 2021 (Text relay service)
  • Language helpline 0800 587 2021

You can request a paper copy from the call centre if that is your preference.

To complete online go to


Further please find the links to the Being Forces friendly ref Census 2021 podcast for anyone who has served in the Armed Forces for 1 day to 22 years  those on the panel and hosting were

  • Hosted by Neil ‘Jacko’ Jackson (Director DRM).
  • Office for Veteran Affairs  (Representative: Damien Paterson (Deputy Director)
  • Cobseo Representative: Gen Sir John McColl (Chairman, Cobseo)
  • ONS Representative: Kerryanne (Census Engagement Manager – Veteran)

The episode is now live and can be found here: –

On Soundcloud:  (just click on this link on your phone or computer and listen)


This podcast discusses the issue of veterans taking part in Census 2021, for both male & female veterans, veterans can be a person who served one day in the Armed Forces or 22 years. The discussion outlines the vital importance of ex forces personnel taking part in the Census 2021 which is the first ever Census to ask a question about service in the Armed Forces. The data it gathers will give organisations like these and HM Government the best data map of veterans across England and Wales, and enable service provisions in terms of health, employment, benefits, and support. The county of Witshire has a large serving and ex services community, and it is vital that veterans identify as such in the Census 2021, all data gathered by the Census is anonymised and personal details are released after 100 years. The mapping of and provision of those who have served in this Census is the largest ever data gathering of data regarding this community, and this data informs planning and provision of services at the national scale. For veterans to be recognized and supported it is vital to complete your Census.