Additional funding for potholes


Wiltshire Council is investing millions of pounds into filling potholes, resurfacing roads and tackling the causes of highways flooding throughout the county in 2024/25.

The council has allocated an extra £10m over the next two years to spend on filling potholes and a road resurfacing programme that will help to prevent potholes and other highways defects across all areas of the county. The investment will also fund more small, local repairs to verges on rural roads.

This funding is in addition to the £20.7m the council receives from the Government’s Highways Maintenance fund for 2024/25, plus the £5.2m from the Department for Transport’s recently announced Road Resurfacing Fund following the cancellation of HS2.

The council also allocated an extra £1m in its recent budget for emptying gullies around the county to prevent flooding and enable teams to focus on problem areas that are most at risk – on top of the £1.27m the council already spends on gully emptying.

Please report all potholes and other highways defects via the MyWilts smartphone app or online at