Fixed Penalty Notices

Wiltshire Council has raised the amounts of the fixed penalty notices (FPNs) that people will have to pay when they are caught fly-tipping, handing their waste to rogue traders or for dropping litter.

Currently, the council issues £400 fixed penalties for small scale fly-tipping and people that litter a maximum of £150 (or £100 if paid within ten days). Anyone who currently fails in their household duty of care to prevent fly-tipping – for example, handing their waste to an unlicensed person who then dumps the waste – can be fined a maximum of £400, or £200 if paid within ten days.

The FPNs will be raised to £1,000 for fly-tipping, £500 for littering and £600 for household duty of care, with no early payment discount. This is in line with changes in legislation that allow the council to raise the fines.

Wiltshire Council increased the number of fixed penalty notices (FPNs) issued for fly-tipping by 118% in 2023.

The Council has invested an extra £150,000 a year into tackling fly-tipping, including employing more enforcement staff to catch criminals, using new technologies such as covert cameras, and further promoting the award-winning We’re Targeting Fly-tippers (WTF) campaign.