Minutes to Planning Meeting 28th June 2022

Minutes Uploaded on July 5, 2022

Minutes Planning Meeting 28th June 2022

Monkton Farleigh Parish Council


Planning Meeting 28th June 2022

7:00 pm

The Kings Arms


  1. Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest

There were apologies from P. Adams and R. Mcdonald

There were no declarations of interest.

2.     Planning Application The Coach House, Farleigh Wick, Bradford-On-Avon, BA15 2PU: Consultation – PL/2022/04248 Erection of an agricultural building.

There were no objections to this planning application

3.     Board Resolution to Update Signatories on Bank Account

The signatories on the bank account are to be updated so that B. Marlowe and E. Warrington becomes a full signatory.  This was witnessed and signed by J. Spiers.

  1. Any Other Business

Work for the parish steward to include cutting the hedges back leading up to the school, cutting back the hedge by number 1 Broadstones and clearing the pavement of weeds from the village to Pinckney Green.

The footpath leading from the back of the church through the fields towards Cumberwell has two tricky styles.  E. Warrington to contact the Cotswold Wardens about making footpaths easy to access.

There have been dogs allowed in the field next to the play area.  There has been a request that the signage saying “no dogs allowed” be improved.  The clerk will buy bigger clearer signs.