Tiger Martial Arts

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Freestyle Taekwondo

Freestyle Taekwondo for ages 5-16 at the Monkton Farleigh Village Hall

  • Month free trial
  • Experienced, friendly and professional instructors
  • High quality martial arts and self-defence tuition
  • Competition-level sparring training
  • Progressive fitness program
  • Thursday evenings at Monkton Farleigh, more clubs in Bathford, Larkhall, Trowbridge and other locations

We believe that martial arts is about much more than just kicking and punching – martial arts can give you the confidence to achieve in all areas of your life. Yes, you can learn to take care of yourself in dangerous situations, but really it’s about learning to use your mind and body like a martial artist – learn how to control your body and your mind, and you will be set up for life.

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