Coronation – events planning info

With the Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort taking place in under eight weeks, we wanted to send out an update that can be shared with anyone planning events to mark the occasion. Information on the coronation is available at


There are two main events where community participation is being encouraged – Coronation Big Lunch on Sunday 7 May and The Big Help Out on Monday 8 May.


The Big Lunch is an idea from the Eden Project made possible by The National Lottery, that brings millions of people together annually in June (but this year moved to coincide with the Coronation), boosting community spirit, reducing loneliness and supporting charities and good causes, with £22m raised last year. Whether it’s a full-blown street party, a picnic or a small gathering over a cup of tea and something to eat, the idea is simply to meet and have fun together over food. Event holders are encouraged to register their events and claim a free Big Lunch Pack containing invites, posters and digital resources, as well as entertainment ideas at Organise a Big Lunch | Eden Project Communities and


Further resources for councils, including a comms toolkit and shareable media and logos can be found at the_big_lunch_and_coronation_big_lunch_2023_comms_toolkit.docx | Eden Project Communities


There is an interactive event map on the main coronation webpage (Put your event on the map – Coronation of His Majesty The King & Her Majesty The Queen Consort), whereby event hosts are encouraged to share and promote their events.


Small community events such as fetes and garden parties do not normally require a licence as they are deemed to be of benefit of their neighbours or a local school. Locations that do not require road closures (local parks, green spaces, village halls, private gardens) would be preferential and would simply require permission from any landowner – Kevin Oliver can provide details, so please just email


Guidance around events and the licences/applications required for events is available on and we are asking for applications to be sent in by 31 March, an extension of more than two weeks on the original date we provided, to give the highways teams enough times to approve with the required consultation periods. As a reminder, road closures will not be granted for main roads/bus routes/emergency vehicle priority routes. More local information and FAQs can be found at


Information about The Big Help Out is found at The Big Help Out, with further details due to be released after 20 March.